Founded in 1914, The American Radio Relay League is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA. Today, with more than 156,000 members, ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the United States.

Looking for anybody to talk to.

Acronym for "Continuous Wave." In use, it means telegraphy, using coded interruptions to a single frequency "continuous wave" tone to transmit messages over the air using International Morse code.

Ham's acronym, literally for "Old Man." Used by telegraphers as a substitute for "friend" or most any other masculine term of endearment and by lady telegraphers for husband.

Telegraphers' Q-code meaning "Who is calling me?" There is also a popular online magazine which has much valuable information for Hams at

Telegraphers' Q-code meaning fading signals.

Telegraphers' Q-code meaning "I confirm receipt of your message." Hams often send QSL post cards to each other to confirm that they did indeed make a radio contact.

A telegraphers' Q-code meaning "radio contact"

A telegraphers' Q-code meaning "location." In use, QTH means "My location is." QTH? means "What is your location?"

Acronym for Radio Teletype. One of the Ham modes of "texting."

Ham acronym for Single Sideband. Mode of voice operation in which the carrier signal is suppressed to conform to the modulating audio waveform before being transmitted. The receiver produces a carrier to replace the one the transmitter suppressed. This allows the transmitter to use much less power to transmit an audio signal over the air.

"Worked All States" - The award given to recognize that a ham has contacted another ham in each of the other states in the United States.

Ham's acronym, literally for "eX Young Lady." Used by telegraphers as a substitute for "Wife."

Ham's acronym, literally for "Young Lady." Used by telegraphers as a substitute for "girl friend" or any other feminine term of endearment.