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Minutes of May 26, 2016

posted Jun 15, 2016, 11:08 AM by Mills County Amateur Radio Club   [ updated Jul 28, 2016, 6:44 AM ]
Jack Garner called the meeting to order at 6:55 with pledges to the Texas and US flags. Rondel Stevens offered the prayer.

Rose Head read the minutes from the April meeting.

Henry McKinney read the treasurer’s report. Last month’s balance was $1001.66.  The electric bill for May was $18.14.  $22 was received for membership dues. The current balance is $1005.52. Both reports were approved as read.

Before the meeting, Jack’s grandson, Michael Garner, took the Technician exam and passed. He was granted free membership in the club for the rest of the year.

Old Business:
Rose told the club that the domain name of had been lost due to a missed payment of the fee. She was able to get the domain and has reset the website and notified other sites of the changed links. The club voted to reimburse Rose for the $12.17 fee.

In preparation for Field Day, Jack listed on the board the possible locations and members reported on their activities. Ronnie Head had checked with the city manager and the park is available. Walt Kovar went to Uno Peso Ranch. It is at the same elevation as our previous field day site. There is a rest room and barn to use. There are tables and benches under roof. It is not open to the public though and has a gated access.  The Janice Smith property has no shaded areas and no wires to avoid. The Duke Andrews property has very little shade. The Head arena has a lot of wires, good shade and easy public access.

After much discussion, the club decided to use the city park this year with the hope of attracting more visitors.

New Business:
Because the next meeting is just 2 days before Field Day, the rest of the meeting was devoted to arrangements for the event. Ronnie and Richard Stone have crank up poles. Ronnie has a tri-bander. David Lewis may be able to bring his antennae. Derek Pausewang will be available to run the GOTA station on Saturday. Rondel will handle the CW station. He has a 20 meter dipole and can use Richard Stone’s 20 meter vertical antenna. Ronnie and Rondel will bring generators. Derek will bring a solar panel and battery.

For the cookout Saturday night, Richard will provide the meal. Jean Mays will provide Sunday breakfast.
Jack asked Rondel to do a presentation on Field Day rules at the next meeting.

Walt Kovar reported on his efforts to recover the loaned out training manuals. A new class is possible in July.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35.