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Minutes of May 24, 2017

posted Jun 29, 2017, 5:29 AM by Mills County Amateur Radio Club   [ updated Jun 29, 2017, 5:30 AM ]
Vice President Jim Hamm called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. Walt Kovar offered the prayer. Jim led the pledge to the US flag.
Walt read the April minutes provided by Rose Head. They were approved as read.
Henry McKinney presented the treasurer’s report. The last reported balance was $990.48. There was a deposit of $20.00 from dues. The May electric bill for the repeater was $20.68. The ending balance is $989.80. The report was approved as read.
There was no old business:

New Business:

Derek Pausewang asked about visitor’s hours for field day. Visitor’s hours will be the entire time of field day.

Walt reported to the club that new amateur radio bands are now available in 630 meter and 2200 meter range. The effective dates have not been announced.

Henry asked for authorization to reorder checks. It was granted.

There were two programs after the business meeting. Jim Hamm presented the Mills County Emergency Communications plan. He also passed out frequency guides to all members. Commercial type Motorola radios can be bought as surplus now for about $75 that will allow communication on these bands. Benny Owens has several 22 band commercial radios that are unlocked and can be used on emergency frequencies. Also, several members discussed modifying their existing radios to allow use of the emergency bands.

The members were concerned that in an electrical blackout our club repeater would be unusable. Walt moved and Jim seconded that we buy golf cart batteries for back-up power for the club repeater. Motion passed. Ronnie Head explained he has already added the electrical connections for a battery to the repeater.

Jim reported that the 2 meter vertical antenna is now on the sheriff’s tower for our emergency station at the Law Enforcement Center. Another antenna, a dipole, has been ordered. It will enable 40 and 80 meters to reach Austin. The emergency station needs someone to donate an HF radio.

The sheriff wants to run some exercises when the emergency station is completely set up.

For the second program, Rondel Stevens presented updated field day guidelines. Field day is part educational, part operations, part public relations. The competition is meant to create an enthusiastic environment during the event.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.