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Minutes of May 22, 2014

posted Mar 9, 2015, 8:02 AM by Mills County Amateur Radio Club

President Derek Pausewang called the meeting to order at 7:05 with pledges to the US and Texas flags. Walter Kovar offered the prayer.

Rose Head read the minutes from the last meeting. Ronnie Head moved that the minutes be accepted as read. Richard Stone seconded. Motion passed.

Derek read the treasurer’s report as emailed by Henry McKinney. The club checking account balance on April 6 was $825.12. We had a deposit of $94.00.  The electric bill for the repeater was $18.94. Current balance is $900.18. It was approved as read.

In old business, Walter thanked the participants that worked our booth at the Goat Cook-off.

The club discussed plans for the upcoming Field Day. Rondel Stevens suggested that to compete effectively we should go into Field Day as a 2A club. We are allowed 2 HF stations, 1 VHF and 1 GOTA station with that designation. We agreed to do that. Ronnie asked if anyone could provide a 2 m side band. No one volunteered tonight. We will be able to use the same site as last year. Ronnie will bring his camper and generator, antennas and radio for the voice station. Richard will allow the club to use his camper and generator for the CW station, but someone else will have to take it to the site. Rondel will be in charge of the CW station. He will also bring the club box of materials to use. Derek will set up and run the GOTA station. Walter will bring his grandson to participate and the new hams are encouraged to work the GOTA station for extra credits. Walter was encouraged to set up an information and demonstration table at Field Day. We discussed learning more about fine soldering. Bennie Owen offered to demonstrate his special coax cutting and joining tools on Friday night. Ronnie moved that we set up everything except the radios Friday about 6 pm and bring the radios in on Saturday morning. Walter seconded. Motion passed. We discussed the food arrangements. Saturday evening will be covered dish except the club will provide the meat. Jeanie Mays will provide the Sunday breakfast.

Walter will put an article in the Eagle about Field Day. He will look into having it announced on the Lions club marquee. The Chamber of Commerce will probably be willing to put the announcement on their website and on their Facebook page.

In new business, Walter brought the club’s attention to practice tests available to anyone with web access at Jim Hamm and Rondel said QRZ has practice tests also. Walter reminded us that the technician class test questions will be updated at the end of June this year. Derek asked who was a good contact for persons interested in becoming HAMs. Rondel volunteered.

There was an exam session before the meeting tonight. William Gillan passed the technician test and Derek Pausewang upgraded to general class.

Rose moved that the meeting adjourn. Jim Hamm seconded. The meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm.