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Minutes of March 24, 2016

posted May 4, 2016, 9:19 AM by Mills County Amateur Radio Club

Jack Garner called the meeting to order at 6:44 with pledges to the Texas and US flags. Jack offered the prayer.

Rose Head read the minutes from the February meeting. Jack moved that the report be approved.

Henry McKinney read the treasurer’s report. Last month’s balance was $1041.80. The electric bill for March was $18.02.  $12 was received for membership dues. The current balance is $1035.78. Rose moved and Ronnie Head seconded that the report be accepted.

Old Business:

Walt Kovar reported on his expenses for $30 for the Goat Cook-off, $20 membership fee for the Chamber of Commerce, and $10 to be listed on the Chamber of Commerce Website. Rose moved and Ronnie seconded that Walt be reimbursed for the total of $60. Motion passed and Henry made the reimbursement.

Walt has requested the same site we used last year for our booth again this year.

Jack asked Alan about his liaison with the Sheriff’s Department. Alan reported that he and Sheriff Hammonds had visited Hood County and toured their facility, the Emory Ops Center, and Alan was very impressed. He suggested to Sheriff Hammonds that he appoint Jim Seiders as the “go-to” man for us to deal with.

Walt asked Sheriff Hammonds when the Ham Club could come by and tour Goldthwaite’s new law enforcement facility; the answer was that it is not quite ready yet.

Walt reported that the club now has a Facebook page.

Jack asked for volunteers for the Goat Cook-off on April 23. Ronnie, Rose, Alan, and Webb volunteered. Rondel will bring the “go-to” box. Jack will make some calls later to firm up the plans. We will meet at the park around 4:00 PM on Friday, April 22, to set up for the next day.

New Business:

Jack wanted to discuss the Field Day preparations. There are several possibilities for location:

·      Alan mentioned Duke Andrews’ property, north of where we had Field Day last year. Duke has some livestock there, and we will need to check further with him.

·      Head Arena; Ronnie said we would need to get permission from the school principal. Walt will call and get the date reserved.

·      Walt said that Janice Smith had called him and offered her property for us to use.

·      Alan suggested the party barn on Uno Peso might be available.

·      Also suggested was the property north of Higginbotham’s.

We have two new members, Ed Smith and Gary Barrington, both of whom passed the Technician Exam Thursday night before our meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:09.