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Minutes of April 28, 2016

posted May 4, 2016, 9:22 AM by Mills County Amateur Radio Club

Jack Garner called the meeting to order at 7:00 with pledges to the Texas and US flags. Walt Kovar offered the prayer.

Rose Head read the minutes from the March meeting.

Henry McKinney read the treasurer’s report. Last month’s balance was $1035.78. The club reimbursed $60 to Walt. The electric bill for April was $18.12.  $44 was received for membership dues. The current balance is $1001.66. Rose moved and Walt seconded that the report be accepted.

Royce W Lubke W5RLZ visited the club. He received his license 3 years ago. Mary Ruth Kyle Inks passed her Technician exam just before the meeting and was granted club membership for the rest of the year. Her husband, Cotton Inks, WO5R, also joined the club.


Old Business:

In discussing the recent Goat Cook-off, Walt suggested that the club mingle in the crowd with handheld radios and encourage people to make contacts with them. Rose, Ronnie, and Cotton suggested wearing our vests or other identifying material.

In preparation for Field Day, Jack listed on the board the possible locations.

1.   Janice Smith Property, CR 306 near old site, but no trees

2.   Duke Andrews Property, has nearby windmills, needs mowing

3.   Head Arena, will net us 100 extra points, has electric wires around

4.   Garner’s Uno Peso Ranch, across FM 572 road from our old site

In addition to these, Ronnie proposed Goldthwaite City Park. It will net us the 100 extra points, and public access is good. Ronnie will talk to Rob Lindsay about it.

New Business:

Jack wanted to discuss giving Walt Kovar a new, more inclusive title for all the ways he works for the club. He said “reporter” is inadequate. Rose moved and Ronnie seconded that his title be changed to public relations officer. After discussion, the club voted to make a change to the bylaws so that the position of “Reporter” would be “Public Relations Officer”. Rose will make the revision and place it online.

Walt said he would recover the technician study manuals from the girl scouts since they have all lost interest.

Derek Pausewang proposed another class after Field Day. Steve Bridges, Melanie Bartek and Jonathan are still studying for exams. Jack said he would be ready for a new class session similar to the one he just completed.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30.